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I had insomnia for 3 nights in a row. The past 2 nights I have gotten good sleep thanks to medicine.
What do you guys usually do when you can't sleep?
Sometimes I'll move from my bed to the couch a few times. I can never sleep on my couch though because it's so uncomfortable. Sometimes I'll go on my iPad and write stuff on DW or write in my journal.
Most of the time I just lay in my bed or on the couch and try not to think about anything.
The night feels like it goes a lot slower when you can't sleep.


Feb. 10th, 2014 05:00 am
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Haven't slept at all, giving up and posting to the 'net instead.
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Insomnia episode #N.


Feb. 8th, 2013 06:27 am
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I still hate insomnia. No shocker.
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Last night, I totally impulse-purchased a bed. (I mean, I just completed my first week at my new temp job, and yay paycheck, and it's seven fucking thirty in the morning, so I'm going to have to maintain a very strict diurnal schedule to keep it, and I've been *thinking* about upgrading...)

There I was headed for Trader Joe's, and I saw that the mattress store was still open, and I popped open, and the next thing I realize, I'm on my phone arranging for enough money to be in my checking account (god, I love living in the future, I didn't have to talk to a single human being to do that) and telling the guy to deliver the bed on Sunday.

"What kind of mattress have you been sleeping on?" he asks me, as I perch on the edge of the unimaginably luxurious cheapest mattress in the store, the one that's discounted $100 on account of the upcoming sale weekend.

"To call it a 'mattress' dignifies the thing a little too much," I say, and he beams at me indulgently; clearly he's heard this sort of hyperbole before. "It was a hand-me-up from my brothers," I elaborate. "One of those folding thingies, from IKEA." He looks sympathetic. "Foam mattress about yea thick," and I measure out about three inches with my fingers. "Then one of those little foam pads, about yea thick," (one inch), "but that's in at least three pieces at this point." Unmitigated horror crosses his countenance. "And then there's the cardboard..." He masters his expression by the time I conclude, "And of course a folded comforter or two, so there's a little bit more padding."

Yes, it was high time for a real, grown-up bed of my own.

It gets delivered Sunday. And they haul the old one away. I can't wait.

Cross-posted to my own journal.
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To call my sleep schedule at the moment a "schedule" is, well. So because it entertains me to do so, because it's mildly useful to my friends to be able to check when I've been sleeping as a loose predictor of when I'll be up, and because it will probably be of interest to a doctor assuming I ever wind up seeing one, I have been trying to track when I sleep.

I use Google Calendar. I have created a separate calendar strictly for my sleep schedule. It can be public, private, or shared with people. Mine is public. I have set up a tinyurl pointing to it (sadly to an un-useful view):

Using Google Calendar to track is useful enough, given that I am often near a computer. Sometimes I don't remember (notice that there are sometimes blank days, and I am not often given to a full 24+ hours awake) and sometimes I backfill.

I now have a smartphone. Yay smartphone. The phone is smart enough that it can interact with multiple Google calendars at once. It is easy enough to work that I can manage it when I am out of my mind with sleep-grogginess.

The phone has a charger cable near enough to my bed that I can go to bed with the phone on the bed with me. I have been maintaining scrupulous enough "sleep hygiene" that I can usually be asleep withing twenty minutes of climbing into bed, and I have been getting practice at knowing my level of drowsiness enough to be able to tell how long it will take me to be out. When I get into bed, I take note of the current time, and open a new event on my sleep calendar. (The first thing I do is turn off any reminders for it, because the buzz and ding are not the sort of thing that are conducive to sleep.) I have it start at the time I think I will fall asleep. If I remain awake for a while, I check the clock, and adjust the start time of the sleep event.

When I wake up, I check what time it is. I tend to still have the calendar event for sleep open, unless the FUCKING PHONE has gone APESHIT in the night and run out of memory and rebooted. (Argh Palm Pixi.) I adjust the sleep event to have the correct end time.

I track naps on this too, not just full "nights" of sleep.

My phone takes care of automatically synchronizing the local copy of the calendar to Google, and Bob's yer uncle.


Sep. 25th, 2010 04:11 am
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Pain-induced insomnia. Again. Shoulder is fucked up.
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It's 4am here.
I'm moving house today.
I have no idea why I'm awake.
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I have had insomnia for years though I recently started getting it under control!.

What have others done to try and rid it?

over and out!
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When I get insomnia, it's nearly always the kind where you Just Can't Get To Sleep. Hours of tossing and turning, but once I fall asleep that's it for the next eight hours (or the four hours until my alarm goes off, usually, because it likes to strike when I have to be up early). Just lately, though, I seem to have switched to waking up an hour or two before my alarm, still tired, and completely unable to doze off again. So I wondered: when you go insomniac, how does it manifest?

Poll #3118 where did that ravelled sleeve go
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When I have insomnia, I:

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can't get to sleep for HOURS OH WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME
19 (95.0%)

fall asleep ok but then wake up during the night THE BLANKNESS OF MY CEILING TORMENTS ME
7 (35.0%)

sleep just fine except for how I wake up TOO EARLY BEFORE THE ALARM AUGH IS 6AM NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU BRAIN
5 (25.0%)

have some other horrible form of insomnia which you have INSENSITIVELY IGNORED AS THOUGH THE EXHAUSTION WASN'T ENOUGH
3 (15.0%)

actually don't have insomnia, I just like to laugh at you pitiful creatures
0 (0.0%)

6 (30.0%)

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Meanwhile -- to drag this more back on track with the comm -- what resources do you find most helpful with a white night? Are they different when you know you're never going to sleep, won't sleep for a long time yet, or woke up in the middle of the night?
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Okay I've been up for about two days now this should get to be fun...

I have insomnia. I have CHRONIC insomnia. If love laughs at locksmiths, insomnia snickers at pharmacists. Sleeping pills don't put me to sleep. Everything there is to try? I've tried it. I even flipped my schedule around so I was sleeping days and up nights. That works a little better than sleeping nights, but then every once in a while I hit a patch like this, and there's no point in trying to sleep until I fall over a few days later.

Which brings me to: oh thank god for Dreamwidth. Because it's people and conversation and a nice cup of tea at 4:15 am or 3:15 pm when I am NOT SLEEEEEEPING. And it's nice to not be utterly alone, or feel utterly alone, in the middle of your night, wherever it is.


Jan. 26th, 2010 06:03 am
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What is that?
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"Aww fuck," I thought. "The internet is broken." (Something had taken out a fiber-optic cable serving my hotel and many other places in Sequim, WA.) "Ah well," I decided. "I will just take this opportunity to go to sleep early, since the internet is down, and I can't catch up with anything happening on it."

Then my newest BFF calls and we talk for ages.
Then I wander over to the computer to see if the internet is back.

The internet is back. It's one hour until bedtime. I've missed three hours of prime websurfing time, so I'm three hours and almost a week behind.

I'm going to be up all night, aren't I.
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I think it's stupid that I can't sleep at night but want to sleep aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll afternoon. WTF, self?
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I don't have difficulty sleeping. There are drugs for that.
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Last night my brain insisted on making me move boxes of books onto the bookshelf -- not unboxing them, just putting them on the bookshelf -- before I was able to go to sleep. Go figure.

(After that was done, it took me ages to actually get to sleep because the tape on the boxes was starting to come undone, and it sounded very creepy in the absence of any other noise.)
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